Detox your Body & Purify your Mind
Yoga Retreat in Hisarönü, Marmaris
17-21 October 2014

In nature, the process of self-discovery can begin...Let’s Get Started!
We will lead you through a 4-day retreat that will guide you to a place where your body feels rejuvenated and your mind can be more at ease. With daily yoga classes, strengthening classes, meditation, and breath work, you will leave this retreat feel lighter not only in your body, but in your mind and in your soul.
We will eat a clean diet so your body can rid itself of years of accumulated toxins.
Also, we will spend a lot of time in nature in the peace and tranquility that it provides. Expect to find a new sense of purpose and clarity in your life when you join this retreat and start living in the mind & body as it was meant to be enjoyed with happiness and freedom.

To book your days & save your date, please contact:

+90 850 228 28 88
+90 252 487 10 55

Yoga Journal Conference- Munich Sessions
31 October- 3 November, 2014

We are happy and honored to be teaching 3 classes during the Yoga Journal Conference that will be held in Munich, Germany. Come and join us!

Triopetra Yoga Retreat, Crete
23-30 May 2015

Details coming soon.

Urban Yoga Retreat in Istanbul
11-14 June 2015

Discover and fully appreciate the richness of Istanbul's history, culture and cuisine. while deepening your yoga practice during this week-end with us.
Details coming soon.


There are many paths to experience the state of yoga, your innate state of total relaxation, freedom of mind, acceptance of what is and faith in what will be.

The challenge is to find the right way for you. State of Yoga provides invaluable support and guidance for you on this beautiful inner and outer journey.

Philosophy of State of Yoga

- The state of Yoga is a state that is accessible to everybody and everywhere. SOY helps you on this path taking you deeper into your path than you ever thought possible.

- “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf”
Jon Kabat-Zinn

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